Our smart home installation services offer you the latest innovations to solve this problem. We intelligently integrate your home with the help of advanced electronics and technologies. This way, you can spare less time dealing with household chores and spend more time relaxing and enjoying your life.

Smart home systems offer you considerable beneficial features that bring together your lighting, music and TV systems, heating & cooling, security, shades and gate entrance devices. By using your own iPad and iPhone, or custom in-wall touchscreen devices, you can control all aspects of your house from a central point.

More and more houses in the United Kingdom, including renovations and new builds in Oxfordshire, Reading, London and Maidenhead are now designed with a smart home technology in mind. In the future, connected homes will become a priority in every property to make our lives easier.

Technology integration and smart systems at home have many names; home automation, smart home or even the Internet of Things. But we find the best way to describe it is:

A more harmonious, enjoyable and convenient lifestyle at home, by smart home experts Lsve Services Limited.


Lighting has always been an integral part of creating beautiful interiors, allowing us to highlight the best features of our architectural and interior design. With smart home integration, lighting will become a more prominent essential of our lifestyles at home.

Now, you can incorporate functional lighting control systems in your home, where preset lighting scenes with different lights in different combinations and brightness’s could be easily activated, removing the hassle of tinkering with light switches to find the right setting.

Moreover, home automation lighting means that you can create triggers which activates your lighting scenes at a specific time or for a specific activity (watching a film, dinner etc.). You can also integrate your window blinds into your lighting system to make the best of daylight.


The great connectivity features for integrated smart homes now provide you with greater access to improved home security. Thanks to remotely accessible security systems, which comprise of smart locks, CCTV cameras and lighting system; it is possible to keep an eye on your home while you are away.

Through an app on your smartphone, you can view your CCTV feeds, ensure that all doors and windows are locked and get notified when any motion is detected. You can even automate lighting scenes to come on at certain times of the day, giving the impression that someone is home.

With smart home integration, our homes are now safer and more secure.


One of the greatest benefits of the smart home is the energy saving capabilities it brings along, saving you money. As our home electronics become more aware of the occupants, they can learn from your lifestyle and automise energy consuming tools such as heating and lighting.

A house that automatically turns off heating and switches off all lights as you leave is no longer a dream. Lsve Services Limited offer you the smartest tools with the most exquisite integration that influence your time when at home, and when outside home.

A smart home system, equipped with a smart thermostat from Nest and lighting control system from Lutron can save up to 30% on your annual electricity bill.


On top of the greater functionality and convenience, our smart home systems bring a whole new world of entertainment options into your home. Seamlessly integrated multi-room audio visual

systems now provide you with the ability to play any music, film or TV show in any room; just by using your smartphone, iPad or a dedicated smart home controller.

Great innovations such as in-ceiling speakers, hidden TV mechanisms hide away all the clutter of electronics; allowing you to experience high end audio visual quality without compromising your interior design.


In the ever-growing world of gadgets at home, it can often get troublesome to get a hold of control easily. Every device comes with a brand new control interface, completely working against the convenience.

Smart home automation systems can offer unparalleled control for your household, by combining multiple controls into single units. Now, you can control your music, TV, lights or even gate entry from your smartphone your iPad. It’s also possible to embed dedicated touchscreen devices on the wall with plastered in docks provided by specialist home automation manufacturers.

If you are used to traditional remotes; you can also get the same benefits with brand new advanced smart remotes.


For us, integration of smart home systems is equally crucial when it comes to enjoying it, as it is when controlling it. And for that, the sky is the limit.

Careful interior design considerations now eliminate the clutter in every sense, when it comes to entertainment. TV systems that pop out of the bed end, hidden behind a painting on the wall or concealed behind a wall mirror; as well as speakers that flush mount seamlessly on the ceiling are just some of the methods we use to maximise the integration and minimise the clutter.